• If you have a damp smelling aircon, you probably should give us a call…

    • That damp smell your customers or employees feel is probably a result of mould in your commercial air conditioning system.

      Below are just a few examples of the types of mould we have found growing in air con systems in Australia.

      We don’t have to tell you that this is not very healthy for your buildings occupants.

    • mould in aircon

    • smelly aircon

    • mould found in aircon

    • mouldy aircons

    • Do you know what your air-conditioning system currently looks like?
      We can show you for free.

    • duct cleaning brisbane

    • mould in airconditioners

    • close up of mould in air conditioner

    • fuzzy air conditioner

    • Unfortunately, Commercial Air Conditioning systems are perfect breeding grounds for mould and bacteria.

      They are:

      • Cold
      • Damp
      • Dark
      • Not seen by people

    • Fortunately, removing this mould and making it stay away is a simple solution through AAQS.

      Find our more about these solutions by getting in touch for a free building inspection to see if our services can improve the health of your customers and employees.