Cleaning Improves Airflow
= less Energy to Run

Did you know that Australian standards also require a certain amount of airflow?

Before and After Air Flow l/s

Data taken from 70kw SAC70C System

Total supply air improvement of 96%

For the best Commercial HVAC Energy Savings in Brisbane, you need more than Duct Cleaning.

We provide HVAC cleaning and preventative maintenance technologies.
These technological innovations save energy and produce healthier buildings and people.

Australian Standard 3666.4:2011 Air Handling and water systems of buildings- Microbial control
Part 4: Performance-based maintenance of air-handling systems (ducts and components)

  • Cost Effective long term solution
  • Reduces day to day running costs
  • Compliance to Australian Standards, minimising the risk of any future lawsuits
  • Reduces annual chemical cleaning costs
    for coils (system pays for itself)