• For the best Commercial HVAC Energy Savings in Brisbane, you need more than duct cleaning.


      Air Flow Improvements Data taken from Actron 70kw SAC70C System

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    • Our Service Improved the Commercial Air Conditioners’ Air Flow by 96%

    • We provide HVAC cleaning and preventative maintenance technologies.

      These save energy and produce healthier buildings.


      Australian Standard 3666.4:2011 Air Handling and water systems of buildings- Microbial control
      Part 4: Performance-based maintenance of air-handling systems (ducts and components)

      “At air-handling systems, maintenance of hygienic conditions is known to be a suitable method of addressing niches that may otherwise allow growth and spread of airborne microbial matter or antigenic material.”

      “Components of air handling plant are to be kept clean so as not to waste energy.”

      “Facility Management team should use a risk management methodology to confirm that contaminant sources are controlled so that air-handling systems is in fact providing acceptable air quality and meets the same level of maintenance described in AS/NZS 3666.2, Clause 2.3.5.”


    • Do you know what the inside of your commercial air conditioner system looks like?

      Unfortunately, Air conditioners are the perfect breeding ground for mould and bacteria. We can provide a free, no obligation, comprehensive report on the condition of your commercial air conditioning system in Brisbane, including duct cleaning.

    • fan_beforeNon- Compliant (Before AAQS service)

    • fan_afterCompliant (After AAQS service)

    • Our Solutions address the three main areas identified as important for the Facility Management industry:

      • Improving and maintaining health and safety
      • Energy management
      • Facility Managers adoption of technology

      Source: Facility Managers Industry Census: Trends & Insights Report 2013-2014

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